Anton Valley, known to locals as simply "El Valle" (the Valley) is situated some 70 miles West of Panama City in one of the worlds largest'extinct volcanoes. This is a favorite weekend spot for locals and tourists alike. Incredible sights such as the Sleeping Indian Mountain (right) can be viewed. The legend of the mountain involves an Indian princess who fell in love with a conquistador and when her father would not allow the relationship to continue the love-sick princess laid down and died. The erosion over the years covered her. 

The Petroglyphs, also known as the "Piedra Pintada" is located along a sceanic ecological walking trail. It is dated to pre-colombian times and is known to be a map of the area. Panama Jones offers side trips to see this ancient work of art during one day and over night stays in El Valle. The area of the Piedra Pintada is picturesque and refreshing with lush cloud forested scenery and waterfalls. 

The Sunday Artisan Market is the main driving force that lures locals as well visitors to El Valle. Just about anything can be purchased here and at great prices. This is a bargainer's haven. Crafters of all cultures from arond the small nation of Panama converge on El Valle with their crafts. So, with that in mind, Sunday seems to be the day best suited for a visit here. Panama Jones includes this tour in some of their tour packages. Over nights can be aranged with stays in the Rincon Vallero lodge. 

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Anton Valley (El Valle)
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