Panama Jones has been guiding Panama canal, cultural, historical, and rainforest tours to Panama since 1992 and specializes in all aspects of receptive tourism within the country of Panama. We provide tours that will fit everyone’s desires, from the softest to the most extreme. Panama Jones founder, Winston Rice, AKA Panama Jones, has over 40 years of experience in Panama. He has blended together all his favorite adventures into our tour packages so you can enjoy the adventure of a life time. 

Our domain name, was only the beginning of our creativity to make it easy for you to find us. It is easy to navigate with our magazine-type format. Categories on our menu bar are based on the most frequently asked questions about Panama.  We make it simple for you get there. Each of our tour package pages has its own reservation form in order to cut confusion and help get your reservation made quickly. Our tour consultants are intimately knowledgeable about Panama and the canal and can provide you with fast and accurate information. 

Panama Jones can be the vehicle for travelers to complete one more exciting thing on your bucket list, The Panama Canal. In most cases you will have a private guide each day. Our enthusiastic and personable guides enjoy introducing travelers to Panama. You won’t feel like a tourist with us, but rather fellow adventurers and friends.  We will do our best to make sure you will return home with vacation memories that will last forever.

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