Paradise found in its purest form. This incredible journey takes us to the jungles of Chagres, where we will encounter the Embera Indians. Our adventure begins with a one-hour dugout canoe transfer up the Chagres River. Along the way, we will cross the 25 square kilometer lake Alajuela and discover the jungle's many splendors. The Embera are a unique and beautiful people. They live much as they did when Columbus arrived in the 1500's. You will soon forget the outside world as you are immersed in their cultural dance and music. Visitors are invited to explore the area's abundant variety of birds and wildlife during a jungle trek that includes a visit to local waterfalls. During our visit, we will see that the Embera possess amazing botanical knowledge - most will be surprised to learn of their contributions to modern pharmaceuticals. We are welcome to paint our bodies as the Embera do, with a natural dye called Jagua. We will also have the opportunity to view famed Embera handicrafts. 

A peaceful ride in a dugout canoe, a trek through the jungle, the opportunity to learn from this gentle  culture - all this in one day and within one hour of Panama City.

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Embera Indians
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