Panama City is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and beautiful city and is the capital of the Republic of Panama. Panama is located at the Pacific side of the American Continent. Built in 1519 by Pedro Arias Davila, a Spanish Governor, it has been considered as on of the most important cities of the Americas. 

During this tour, our guests will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting places of the city, like: 
Casco Viejo: The second oldest sector of modern Panama City, founded in 1673, it is known as the Casco Viejo. This beautiful little area has several attractions that tourist shouldn't miss and can easily cover in a walking tour of a few hours. A monument to the French entrepreneurs who began the Panama Canal stands at the bayside end of the Casco Viejo. There is also an adjacent art museum in the converted strong house, known as Las Bovedas, once used for storing gold. Other points of interest are the famed flat arch or Santo Domingo Church, the beautiful gold- plated altar of the San Jose Church, the Panama Canal Museum, the National Theater, the National Cathedral, the Presidential Palace and other numerous colonial churches and monuments. 
Banking District: The modern side of the City, The Banking District: Skyscrapers gleam in the tropical sunlight and a beautiful skyline extends out to a gently curving point of land that meets the turquoise blue water of the Pacific Ocean. The city is an important center of international finance and is home to more than 120 banks. 

Miraflores Locks/ Panama Canal: This classic experience brings you to the very best that Panama has to offer: The Panama Canal. Participants will be able to witness the magnificent Miraflores Locks and most probably, its operation. An expert guide will take us back in time to experience this magnificent architectural masterpiece and to have a breathtaking view of the 8th wonder of the World. 

Includes: Transportation, English- Speaking tour guide, entrance fee to Miraflores Locks. 

What to bring: Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses, camera. 


Half day driving tours are 4 hours with a stop at the Panama Canal oblsrvation deck at Miraflores Locks

Full day tours are about 8 hours and include stops in Casco Viejo, Balboa (lunch is included), Miraflores locks and the Panama Canal observation deck and museum at Miraflores Locks. 
We do not sell individual day tours
This section contains details of the individual day tours offered in most of our tour packages. Our minimum sale is our Panama at a Glance tour package. We can add additional hotel nights and any of our day tours to this package.
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